Private Equity

We advise institutional investors on their investment programs through non-discretionary arrangements which are tailored based on each client’s structure and program goals. For some clients, we provide services across the private equity portfolio at every stage of the investment process, serving as an extension of the client’s investment organization; for others, we provide specific, customized project work to complement in-house programs and initiatives.

Program Development and Review

  • Crafting and maintaining policy and governance documents that reflect a thorough understanding of the private equity component’s contribution to the total risk/reward profile of the portfolio, along with the ecosystem of investment objectives and beliefs that govern the client’s decision-making process, and the resources available to execute the private equity investment program.


  • Long-term strategic planning that addresses subsector allocation, investment structures, diversification guidelines, liquidity needs, commitment pacing, etc.
  • Disciplined manager search and due diligence process to identify the best opportunities in the current and anticipated market environment appropriate for client portfolios.
  • Terms and conditions negotiation to enhance alignment of interests and program cost efficiency.
  • Development and integration of specialized portfolio objectives, including exposure to emerging managers, ESG initiatives, niche strategies, underserved markets, etc.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

  • Continuous monitoring of client investment performance, policies, asset allocation and portfolio structure through quarterly performance reporting process and regularly scheduled asset class structural reviews.
  • Risk factors examined include: economic sector exposures, vintage year diversification, segment diversification, geographic exposures, manager diversification, payback structure, etc.
Private Equity Team