Strategic Partnerships

PCA leverages the broad experience of its senior consultants with the highly specialized expertise of hand-picked strategic partners, on a project by project basis. Through these alliances, PCA is able to access any necessary specialist resources and tailor the consulting product to the individual needs of the client.



Cheiron - Asset/Liability Modeling


PCA and Cheiron have jointly agreed that PCA has exclusive access to Cheiron’s patented asset/liability modeling process and since 1999 PCA and Cheiron have conducted joint asset/liability studies representing over $1.5 trillion in aggregate assets.

Cheiron has offices throughout the United States, including: Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix, and San Francisco. Cheiron’s clients range from the very largest public retirement systems in the United States to some of the nation's smallest. 

Cheiron has developed state-of-the-art systems for actuarial valuations and experience studies. Moreover, Cheiron leads the profession in computer simulation of defined benefit public sector retirement plans. They have an unmatched ability to project future employer contributions deterministically (based on a fixed set of assumptions) or stochastically (based on multiple random economic scenarios). Their simulation software also takes into account future new members and emergence of new benefit tiers.  Their valuation and simulation software has been used extensively in public sector plans across the country.


Dimitry Mindlin
Los Angeles, CA

Dimitry Mindlin, ASA, MAAA, Ph.D. is president of CDI Advisors LLC.  The firm is committed to the development of the next generation of asset allocation models and a rigorous independent research program. 

Prior to founding CDI Advisors, Dimitry was Managing Director and the head of the asset allocation group at Wilshire Associates (1998 - 2008).  Dimitry designed the firm's asset allocation system (including valuation, simulation and optimization modules) and completed hundreds of asset allocation projects for some of the most sophisticated institutional investors.

Dimitry is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries and holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics.


AKF Consulting- Assistance with 529 Clients

AKF is one of the leading strategic advisor to public administrators of Section 529 qualified tuition plans.  In this role the firm advises state administrators on 529-specific matters including program design, management solicitations and evaluations, contract negotiations, marketing initiatives, benchmarks and best practices, distribution strategies, operational efficiencies,  investment structure, and legislative and regulatory updates and analyses.  In terms of current engagements, the college savings plans for which AKF currently provides consulting services accounts for more than $106 billion in assets under management, across 5.7 million accounts nationwide.