Liquid Global Credit Manager Search

Type of Request:

PCA is in the process of identifying a qualified investment management organization to manage a global credit strategy on behalf of one of our public fund clients.  The most relevant strategies should be globally oriented with at least monthly liquidity.  PCA is targeting investment strategies with a 6-8% expected return and utilizes multi-sector global credit assets (i.e. bank loans, High Yield, and Emerging Market Debt). Ideally, strategies will make minimal use of leverage to achieve these returns. The associated benchmark will be determined upon review of manager respondents.  The selected manager is expected to manage approximately $50 million, however, this amount will vary depending on a number of factors yet to be determined. One manager is expected to be selected.

We request that the update of the eA databases and the completion and return of this RFI via email to PCA be no later than February 23, 2018.

Please see the below RFI which includes response instructions: