Full Suite Overlay Provider Search

Type of Request:

PCA is in the process of identifying qualified investment management organizations to manage a Full Suite Overlay program on behalf of one of our public fund clients. “Full Suite” refers to the ability to offer the following capabilities:

  1. Equitize cash in-line with a policy portfolio
  2. Hedge currency exposures
  3. Assist with portfolio rebalancings
  4. Tactical asset allocation tilts
  5. Assist with portfolio restructurings

The primary role of this engagement will be to assist the plan in investing/equitizing their cash positions that are held due to periodic contributions and distributions (i.e., capability #1 above). The additional capabilities (i.e., capabilities #2-5) will likely be used on a less frequent basis during the relationship. There is the possibility, however, of hiring two firms; one for full suite services ex. currency and one dedicated currency overlay manager. Dedicated currency managers are encouraged to respond to this RFI.